Open Minded?

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday!  Were you able to give gratitude for what’s important in your life?  This is a week to try and be open-minded, even though the aspects may be working against you.

This week is all about communication.  First Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces on November 27 at 8:27 AM EST.  It’s a good thing Thanksgiving has passed and hopefully, your family has gone to their own homes, because this could be a time for the ideological divide.  It’s seen every day in the United States. This is a day to try and avoid the debates that could arise regarding religion, philosophy, etc.  Try and have an open mind if people approach you with ideas.  If you need time to think about an issue so that you don’t react impulsively, take it.  The debate probably isn’t going to take you where you want, so take a time out instead.

Mercury enters Capricorn on December 1 at 9;31 AM EST.  Communication will become less fiery and more grounded.  Communication will be more methodical and realistic.  Maybe even shy or reserved.  Take this time to review any conversations that weren’t held earlier in the week.  Try again.  It doesn’t hurt to revisit any conversation and maybe even come to a resolution.

Can you be open-minded this week?      Let me know.  Do you want to know more, click here to book a discovery session or an appointment?

Overindulgence or Escapist

We’re in the lead-up to the holidays!  For some, it can be a time of enthusiasm and optimism, but for others, it can be a time of restlessness and overcommitting.  What will the season look like for you?  You will have a peek when the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22 at 9:03 am.

Venus in Libra Opposes Chiron in Aries on November 22 at 11:45 am.  How is the love that you have for yourself and others being impacted by your own wounding?  Are you not taking time for yourself?  If you aren’t, it could catch up with you.  Also, since you’re most likely spending some time with your family, your wounds could become open and exposed for you and maybe others to see.  If they are exposed, take some time to explore and discover how you can help heal them.

The Sun in Sagittarius Squares Saturn in Pisces on November 23 at 4:47 am.  Is this a time where you will overindulge or will you try to escape reality?  The Sun wants to overindulge and Saturn doesn’t want to face the truth.  There could be a fine line between the two.  Maybe you overindulge to escape from the realities of the world.  The fact that this happens on Thanksgiving means there could be some full bellies at the dinner table.

Mars enters Sagittarius on November 24 at 5:15 am.  Mars is ready to go on an adventure and find some freedom.  Let Mars take you in a direction or maybe it’s one that you already started but never finished.  Mars is ready to accomplish something.  It may not happen quite yet.  Try to have some patience, even though Mars in Sagittarius isn’t known for its patience.

Mars in Sagittarius Squares Saturn in Pisces on November 25 at 11:57 am.  Mars is ready to go, but Saturn wants to sit around and dream.  Follow your intuition to find out which path you’re ready to take.  If you need to take a time out first, that’s ok too.  Go with the energy.

What do your holidays look like?  Is it time to overindulge or escape?    Let me know.  Do you want to know more, click here to book a discovery session or an appointment?

Anything’s Possible

Opening your heart is never easy, but if can keep your heart open anything is possible.  This week anything is possible. 

The Sun in Scorpio Opposes Uranus in Taurus on November 13 at 12:21 pm.  When the Sun is in Opposition to Uranus anything can happen, but this is Scorpio and Taurus.  They are fixed signs and they have been trying to get you to grow and let go of the past over the last 18 months.  The last eclipse just happened in these two signs on October 28.  This is most likely a continuation of that story or a new aspect is revealed.  Uranus can be electric and revolutionary.  Something major could change in a big way.

The Sun in Scorpio Conjuncts Mars in Scorpio on November 18 at 12:42 am.  It’s time to take some action.  Mars in Scorpio is ready to dig deep and get it done.  The Sun is ready to assist.  This could be a major time for healing or just the courage to take a step. 

What do you think is possible?  Let me know.  Do you want to know more, click here to book a discovery session or an appointment?

Open Your Heart to Love

The eclipses have passed and they revealed something to you.  What was that something?  What steps do you need to take?  This week there will be two planetary sign changes and two aspects that may help you to move forward.

Venus enters the sign of Libra on November 8 at 4:30 am.  Venus loves to be in the sign of Libra.  It’s the sign of relationships and partnerships; balance and harmony; helpful and fair-minded.  It’s time to tap into these elements of Libra.  Be kind to people that you meet on the street.  You never know what they’re going through.  It can be easy to close yourself off to love when you’ve felt pain.  This is a time to learn to open yourself up.  Feel the emotions that are coming through.  If you cut yourself off from the bad, you also cut yourself off from the good.  Open yourself up and be receptive.  If you need to take a minute, take one, but don’t shut down.

Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius on November 10 at 1:25 am.  It’s a time of being open, frank, and maybe even outspoken.  You are free to change your mind and maybe even have a little optimism.  It’s really easy to get set in your ways.  To only think about the items on your to-do list and not worry about the broader picture.  Take a more philosophical approach to thinking.  It could just broaden your horizon and create something new.

Mercury in Sagittarius Squares Saturn in Pisces on November 10 at 10:07 am just a few hours after changing signs.  It may be time to reach into the more sentimental part of you and say it aloud.  Be true and honest about what you’re feeling.

Mars in Scorpio Opposes Uranus in Taurus on November 11 at 4:11 pm.  The planet of action is in conflict with the planet of awakenings.  You may be more accident-prone during this transit, but it also has the potential to bring something good, you have to be willing to do things differently than you have in the past.  Scorpio and Taurus are both fixed signs and not in favor of changing their routine, but would it hurt to change something just a little bit?

What do you need to open your heart to?  Let me know.  Do you want to know more, click here to book a discovery session or an appointment?