Overindulgence or Escapist

We’re in the lead-up to the holidays!  For some, it can be a time of enthusiasm and optimism, but for others, it can be a time of restlessness and overcommitting.  What will the season look like for you?  You will have a peek when the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22 at 9:03 am.

Venus in Libra Opposes Chiron in Aries on November 22 at 11:45 am.  How is the love that you have for yourself and others being impacted by your own wounding?  Are you not taking time for yourself?  If you aren’t, it could catch up with you.  Also, since you’re most likely spending some time with your family, your wounds could become open and exposed for you and maybe others to see.  If they are exposed, take some time to explore and discover how you can help heal them.

The Sun in Sagittarius Squares Saturn in Pisces on November 23 at 4:47 am.  Is this a time where you will overindulge or will you try to escape reality?  The Sun wants to overindulge and Saturn doesn’t want to face the truth.  There could be a fine line between the two.  Maybe you overindulge to escape from the realities of the world.  The fact that this happens on Thanksgiving means there could be some full bellies at the dinner table.

Mars enters Sagittarius on November 24 at 5:15 am.  Mars is ready to go on an adventure and find some freedom.  Let Mars take you in a direction or maybe it’s one that you already started but never finished.  Mars is ready to accomplish something.  It may not happen quite yet.  Try to have some patience, even though Mars in Sagittarius isn’t known for its patience.

Mars in Sagittarius Squares Saturn in Pisces on November 25 at 11:57 am.  Mars is ready to go, but Saturn wants to sit around and dream.  Follow your intuition to find out which path you’re ready to take.  If you need to take a time out first, that’s ok too.  Go with the energy.

What do your holidays look like?  Is it time to overindulge or escape?    Let me know.  Do you want to know more, click here to book a discovery session or an appointment?