August 8


Revise or Toss?

With so many planets in Virgo and the Sun moving into Virgo on August 22, we’re being asked to clean up our lives, but not in the way that you might think.
2021 has been about building a new structure for your life.  How has that process been going for you?  You’re moving into a time where decisions will need to be made.  Do you like the choices that you’ve made so far?  You’ve been receiving clues and hints from the universe about what you still may need to charge.
The first part of changing up a room in your house is to clean up what’s currently there.  Do you just move things around or do a deep clean?  Do you look through what you have and toss what you no longer need?
This is the process that you will be going through with your life.  You may be one of those people who want to cut off an arm before they’re willing to part with something, but know this, sometimes you have to part with something to bring in what you really want.
The time to make a commitment to your new structure is coming.  You still have time to determine the path, but the foundation of the new structure is being laid.
What do you want the new foundation to look like?  Do you want it to be the same?  Do you want it to be a combination of old and new?  Or will it be completely different?  Only you can answer that question. 
Start thinking and implementing what you want your life to look like.  You will still have choices to make as you go along, but you’re being pushed to start the process.
It’s always better to move through the process at a pace that works for you, than to have decisions made for you.
What do you need to revise or toss to start laying your foundation? Let me know. Do you want to know more, click here to book a discovery session or an appointment.


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