April 18


Did you get your Update?

Did the universe show you something this past week?  Did it give you a message?  You may not have seen it and that’s ok, but you received an update.  You are always being shown what your world looks like.  An update of where you are in the process.  But sometimes you’re so busy that you don’t notice.
An uncomfortable feeling may arise that you push back down.  Who wants to deal with those uneasy feelings?  Those uneasy feelings could be part of your message.  The shadows tell us just as much as the light.  The shadows are some of the more difficult messages to receive, but you must go through the darkness to reach the light.
I’m sure you’d love to set the intention of being healed; you wake up one day and you are, but life isn’t that way.  It would be so much easier if it was.
Part of your mission in life is to go through the shadow emotions.  The “I don’t feel good enough” and the “I want” to reach the manifestation stage in life.  When you’re unable to manifest what you want, there’s a shadow aspect in there somewhere.
Maybe part of your message was about your shadow.  What’s it telling you?  The universe wants you to be happy and joyful.  To have the life that you dream of, but negativity gets in the way.  Whether it’s from yourself or those around you.  It’s time to address the shadows, so you can start to receive your manifestations.
What are the shadows telling you?  Let me know. Do you want to know more, click here to book a discovery session or an appointment.



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