February 20


Beat Of Your Own Drum

More planets have moved into the sign of Aquarius, the sign of originality and uniqueness.  Mercury moved into Aquarius on February 14 and the sun has been in Aquarius since January 19.  Saturn had already moved into Aquarius in December 2020.  So, what does this mean?  You’re being asked to accept yourself for who you are and be yourself.

Now that can be easier said than done, but it’s doable.  Are you the type of person who has spent time trying to be someone else, only to no longer know who you are, or do you know who you are, but don’t really like that person?  There could be other types here, but let’s stick with these two for simplicity purposes.

I was one of the former, I had spent so much time trying to be who other people thought I should be that I had lost sight of who I was.  Someone who says, “oh you shouldn’t be that way,” so I would try to conform myself into that expectation.  Let me tell you, it takes a lot of energy trying to be someone that you’re not.  Just because I wasn’t like them, didn’t mean there was something wrong with me.  In fact, it was exactly the opposite.  I had something that I could offer the world as I am, that nobody else could offer, but I had to be willing to let that person out and roam free.  I used astrology, energy, and trauma work to help me unravel the puzzle of who I truly am and learn to accept me.  Now 10 years into this work, I love the person that I’ve become and can’t imagine being someone else. 

Now for the other type, you know who you are but don’t really like that person.  You’re not alone.  My question for you, is why don’t you like that person?  There are many answers to this question and none of them are wrong.  Your response to this question is the key to start moving you down the path of loving who you are.  Your uniqueness is what makes you who you are.  Everything else revolves around that. 

You have an opportunity to love who you are, not who you could one day become, but who you are right now.  Loving yourself is a process.   It doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come overnight.  Especially as women, we’re often taught that we should meld into a mold.  We should be everything to everyone else but aren’t taught to love or care for ourselves.  The time to love yourself is now.  The time to accept yourself is now.  There isn’t another person like you and won’t be astrologically for another 25,000 years or so. Step into your authentic self and you can begin a whole new phase of your life.

Who are you?  Let me know. Do you want to know more, click here to book a discovery session or an appointment.


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