March 10


Nurture Yourself

This week should be fairly relaxing.  There’s only one non-lunar aspect in the sky, so use this energy and pamper yourself.  Do something for you. 

Venus enters the sign of Pisces on March 11 at 5:50 pm EST.  Venus loves being in Pisces.  It’s a time for her to connect to the dreamy romantic part of life.  Check out and just drift.  Take some time for yourself.  Do something for yourself that you may never do or haven’t done in a while.  Get a massage or have a Reiki session.  Connect to your inner you and just be.

So much time in life is spent doing.  It’s time to accomplish and check things off the list.  It’s easy to forget to be in the moment.  This is a week to be in the moment. 

What are you going to do for yourself this week?   Let me know.  Do you want to know more, click here to book a discovery session or an appointment?


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