June 30


Is This What you Want?

It’s a holiday week in the United States, so it’s time for barbeques and fun!  The energy lends itself well to that, but the universe also wants you to check some items off your to-do list.  Find the balance between work and play this week.

Neptune stations retrograde in the sign of Pisces on July 2 at 6:40 am EST.  Neptune is ready to look back over its dreams.  Neptune is currently at the last degree of Pisces.  It’s in the process of wrapping up a phase of your life.  Neptune wants to take one last look at that dream before it starts a new chapter in March 2025.  You may have had some difficulty getting the dream off the launching pad, but how badly do you really want the dream?  Neptune is checking to make sure it’s what you want.  It’s time to try and see past the illusions.

Mercury enters the sign of Leo on July 2 at 8:50 am EST.  Communication is about to get some fire behind you and become a little bit more about yourself.  What do you want?  It’s time for you to say what it is that you want.  You’ve been trying to decide, but it’s decision time now.  What do you want to say?  Say it.

Mercury in Leo Opposes Pluto in Aquarius on July 3 at 3:27 am EST.  Is what you want to say in the best interest of the community as a whole?  You may want to say it, but will hurt someone else’s feelings?  Do you really want it or only think you want it?  Or is someone trying to tell you what to do and you don’t like it?  Think about it first.  It could save you a lot of trouble later on.

Venus in Cancer Squares Chiron in Aries on July 6 at 2:33 am EST.  Venus in Cancer would love to just stay home and spend time around family and friends.  Chiron in Aries is worried about himself and the direction things are headed.  Even though you may have other plans, take some time for self-care.  Self-care could be the answer to your questions and give you the clarity you seek.

What do you want?   Let me know. Do you want to know more, click here to book a discovery session or an appointment?


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