March 15


I Need to See the Truth!

Neutrality.  The 10th level of the Map of Consciousness according to Dr. David R. Hawkins.  Neutrality resonates at a level of 250 within the body.  This is where we’re able to be objective, impartial, and unbiased.  You can see the big picture and want to see the truth.

Our past wounds can hold each one of us back.  If we are acting from a place of our wounding instead of a place of neutrality, we can’t truly see the truth.  Our wounding tends to cloud our lens.  We see everything that happens through that lens, instead of seeing it for what it is.

There is a lot of fear circulating in the world today.  The slightest panic can cause the stock markets to plummet and for people to wonder what they’re going to do.  Unfortunately, we may be at a point in time where we’re being forced to grow.  We may have to make different decisions than we have previously made.  It isn’t easy to get to a place where you can see the big picture, but there is a calmness that can come over you with being able to make an informed decision.

Every decision that you make needs to be right for you.  So many of us live paycheck to paycheck but having to see things for what they really are isn’t easy.  For years, I would try to look at things positively.  If I could just find a positive spin on things would get better.  They might be better for a short period of time, but my bottom would eventually fall out again and it seemed like I was right back where I started.  It wasn’t until I started going through each step of the map that I made progress.  That doesn’t mean there weren’t situations where I had trouble looking at the truth.  One example was money.  Some of the basics I knew and couldn’t escape.  I knew I was in debt, but I wasn’t willing to look at the numbers.  I even knew most of the reasons why I had gotten in debt from wanting to learn new things to the rise of prescription drug costs to unexpected expenses.  But how to dig myself out of it.  Like you, I’m still a work in progress, and working myself out of my past ways, but I took a big step a few months ago and looked at where I was spending money and how much.  I cut out every program that I wasn’t using on a regular basis or cost more than I could afford, even if I loved it. I kept going until it was down to a place where I could pay my regular bills.  The process was painful, but I can now see the big picture.  I can see the truth.  I had spent years using material things to help me feel better about myself.  Let’s be honest, they didn’t.  The only thing that did was being honest with myself and seeing the truth.

What can you do to help you see the big picture?  Let me know.  Do you want to know more about what I do?  Click here to book a discovery session or an appointment.


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